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We respect your personal information and want to protect it. In order to get more detailed information, please read this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy reflects how your personal information is collected, used and disclosed (under certain conditions). It also explains the steps we take to protect your personal information. Finally, this Privacy Policy explains your options on collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. By visiting this website directly or from other websites, you accept regulations stipulated in this Policy. Data protection requires trust and your privacy is important to us. Therefore, your name and other information related to you are used as described in the Privacy Policy. We collect information only when necessary and in order to contact you. We keep your information as long as law requires it or as long as it fits our collection purpose. Before entering your personal information, you can visit and view the website. When you visit the website, your name is anonymous and if you do not have an account on the website and as long as you are not logged in by entering a user name or password, we cannot identify you identity.
Collected information
If you decide to place an order for products on the website, we may collect more information about you. In order to ensure purchasing of a product from the website, meet all your requirements and provide service, we collect, store and analyze your information. We may collect your personal information, including your job position, name, email address, postal address, delivery address(if it’s different), phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, payment information, cash or bank account information. Using the information that you provided we arrange your orders and provide you with the information and services offered on our website in accordance with your requirements. With your consent, we can send information about other products and services to you by email. Should you not want to receive marketing information, you have the right to refuse receiving it at any time. We can send your name and address to a third party (for example, to our driver or a service provider) In order to carry out delivery of a product to you. We can store the information about your orders but we cannot access it in order to ensure safety. You are responsible for privacy of your personal information used for authentication on the website and you must not give information to unauthorized third parties. If you choose to submit your personal information to us, you agree to its placement and storage on our server.
Your information is stored on our server. We consider your data as an asset and provide its protection from unauthorized access to it by others using various tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.). In this regard, in spite of all our efforts aimed at protection of your personal information we do not guarantee that these data will always remain confidential.
Your rights
If you are concerned about your information, you have the right to request access to your personal information, which is stored or analyzed by us. You can request the change of your information from us without any payment. You have the right to stop us from using your information for marketing purposes.
We can make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time by sending revised conditions through this website.