• Durability

    Our products are highly resistant to fire and other natural influences.
  • Economy

    Since our products are manufactured by a vibrocompression method, we use concrete with a low water/cement ratio. This substantially reduces cement consumption and makes it economic. Frost resistance of high quality concrete products amounts to 200-300 cycles; and durability varies between the following figures: M200-400.

  • Form accuracy

    Thanks to precise geometrical shape and an uneven surface, the products are very easy to use.
  • Color (paint) durability

    Products manufactured by vibrocompression method do not lose their color throughout the whole exploitation period.
  • Universality

    Manufacturing of products by vibrocompression method makes it possible to polish, smoothen and treat their surface in order to prevent them from sliding. This feature opens up wide range of opportunities during the development of landscape design and compilation of its individual elements.


    High quality concrete mixture (M50 - M1000) and cement grout (M100 - M500) of any design. Fully automated production process.


    Reinforced pipes, concrete shaft bottoms, rings, cones, microtunnel pipes with double armoring (MBK) and a rubber gasket (CORDES), made of brand raw materials conforming to high quality standards and manufactured by application of the equipment of the German SCHLOSSER PFEIFFER company. Can be used in any melioration, water and sewage passages.


    Paving stones, lawn stones and curbstones conforming to high quality standards and manufactured by application of the equipment of the German HESS GROUP company.


    AZKONTAKT LLC – concrete mixture and concrete products factory was set up based on the latest technologies of the German Schlosser Pfeiffer, MBK, HESS and Turkish Göker companies with a view of ensuring industrial development of our country and providing high quality concrete products(concrete pipes and ground stones). The production process in the factory is fully automated. Thus, purchased raw materials are gathered in special bunkers of a concrete production unit and are passed to mixers for the production of concrete solution. With the help of automatic welding equipment, the rebar cage is tied according to the sizes of the concrete pipes to be manufactured and with special cranes is placed in special moulds.


      5 constant concrete mixture plants with the production capacity of 120 m³ per hour and 1 mobile stationary plant.


      The production is fully computerized and automated.


      Automated production by application of the equipment of the German HESS GROUP company.


      Production of reinforced concrete pipes of any size by application of the equipment of the German SCHLOSSER PFEİFFER and MBK companies.



      • Implements control over creation of a safe and healthy working environment in the Company and its sites, taking measures on this issue, conformance of labor protection, safety arrangements, and industrial sanitation to the existing legislation, guidelines, norms and regulations, issuance of agreed benefits and allowances related to working conditions to the workers. • Organizes examination of labor conditions, technical condition of safety devices at the workplaces. • Ensures participation of the appropriate laboratory in the development and application of secure traffic and staff routes of the Company (Concrete factory). • Develops yearly and prospective plans for improvement of labor conditions in the company: • Provides initial training on safety procedures for company’s employees and controls drawing up an expenses budget for measures related to safety procedures and labor protection for each department, makes sure that orders for special uniform, shoes and other individual protection means, special nutrition and special safety devices are drawn up correctly. • Reviews outdated instructions and guidelines and compiles new ones, draws up a program teaching employees how to operate using safe methods. • Controls issues related to investigation and analysis of production traumas and professional diseases, preparation of measures for their prevention and elimination, improvement of labor conditions and strengthening of employees’ health. • Directs Company employees’ activities on the issues of labor safety and protection. • Controls application and condition of individual and collective protection means, technological and installation accessories, provision of production areas with safety posters and signs and provision of employees with educational and training programs. • Implements control over quality and comprehensiveness of labor safety projects and technological chart for execution of works. • Implements control over timely reviewing of workers' knowledge about labor safety procedures and guidelines each year.